December 3, 2023
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA
Weight Loss

Here’s Exactly What You Need to Do to Burn off Every Cheat Meal

A clean diet is great, but nobody¡¯s perfect. Sometimes you just have to treat yourself.

Giving in to food temptation every once in a while isn¡¯t just fine¡ªit¡¯s actually good for you. One study in the Journal of Consumer Psychology put volunteers on diet plans of 10,500 calories a week. For one group, that meant 1,500 calories every day, but the other ate 1,300 six days a week, leaving wiggle room for a cheat day on Sunday. Both groups had similar weight loss, but the ones who could pig out on the weekend had stronger motivation and better moods.via

Still, don¡¯t let every day become a ¡°cheat day¡± or go overboard when you do indulge. To help keep your weight in check, created an infographic showing how to work off a cheat meal. So if you are thinking of supersizing your fries, you¡¯ll know how long it would take to burn off those calories.

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