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Coronavirus kids¡¯ birthday parties: How to celebrate during lockdown

With a little creativity, it¡¯s still possible to give your child an awesome party even if their friends aren¡¯t in the same room.

A little out of the box thinking is all that is needed to throw a children¡¯s party while socially distancing and self-isolating, says event planner Jordan Weaver.

In fact, she says kids¡¯ parties are not only possible, but it¡¯s also ¡°important to continue these celebrations – even in uncertain times¡±.

Firstly, party by the rules and set expectations

Government restrictions on non-essential social gatherings mean parties should take place at home, with only immediate family in attendance.

¡°Before you dive into party planning, it¡¯s important to tailor expectations – both your child¡¯s and yours,¡± says Jordan, who runs Jordan Weaver Events.

Disappointment is as understandable reaction, particularly for younger children.

¡°My advice is to explain that we want to keep all our family and friends safe and healthy, so we¡¯ll be having a smaller party,¡± suggests Jordan.

¡°Reiterate that it¡¯s still their special day, but it¡¯s just a different type of party this year.¡±

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Create a party atmosphere


Going all-out is the key to a stellar isolation party, says The Festive Co event stylist Alexis Teasdale.

¡°You can¡¯t go past the classics like balloons and streamers,¡± says Alexis.

¡°Hanging them all around the house will instantly add a party mood.¡±

DIY decoration projects like homemade pompoms, a birthday banner or a spectacular balloon garland are a great way to involve the family (and keep them busy!) in the lead-up.

Jordan suggests choosing a theme – like your child¡¯s favourite colour or movie – and using that as decorative inspiration.

¡°Create a young soccer fan¡¯s dream with player posters on the walls, or Elsa¡¯s winter wonderland by hanging snowflake cut outs from the ceiling,¡± Jordan says.

Games to play

On the big day, Alexis recommends playing classic games like pin the tail on the donkey, Twister and musical chairs – and don¡¯t forget to blast a party playlist.

¡°A treasure hunt around the house to find their presents is a fun way to make that moment special,¡± Alexis adds.

Party food

For catering, Jordan suggests serving your child¡¯s favourite foods or getting a local takeaway.

And the all-important birthday cake?

¡°For ultimate parenting brownie points, either buy or make a statement cake in line with the party theme,¡± says Jordan.

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Virtual guests and block parties

There are still ways to get your child¡¯s friends involved in the birthday celebrations, even if they can¡¯t physically join them.

¡°Ask them to make drawings or cards to display, or have them film a video birthday message,¡± suggests Alexis.

¡°You could also set up a Zoom party ¨C and even hire a magician to virtually entertain them!¡±

To help friends feel even more part of the party, send them kits in the lead-up to the virtual celebration containing party favours like hats, poppers, games and lollies.

Jordan says you could also extend the celebratory atmosphere into your wider community.

¡°Ask neighbours and nearby friends to create posters with birthday wishes and hang them in their front windows,¡± suggests Jordan.

¡°You can even ask neighbours to gather on their front porches for a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday!¡±

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Party ideas to get you started

  • Organise a virtual party via video call apps such as Zoom, FaceTime, WhatsApp, Skype or House Party.
  • Hire an entertainer to dial into the virtual party, or set up treasure hunts or party games such as bingo, trivia, charades or ¡°who am I?¡± guessing games.
  • Ask their friends to send home-made birthday cards or messages via email or post, or record video messages for them.
  • Ask neighbours to put ¡°happy birthday¡± posters and messages in their windows, or write chalk messages on their driveways.
  • Ask neighbours to sing a rendition of Happy Birthday from their front porches at a certain time.

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Online party supply stores

Alexis recommends:

  • Poppies For Grace
  • The Party Cupboard
  • Invite Me

Jordan recommends:

  • Party With Lenzo
  • Ruby Rabbit
  • Kmart

Written by Sharon Hunt.

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