September 25, 2023
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Coronavirus kids¡¯ activities: 50 creative things for children to do

Staying at home all day is no easy feat, especially for energetic kids. But a little imagination can go a long way when it comes to filling in those oh-so-long hours.

With coronavirus lockdowns potentially lasting for months, even the most resourceful parent will be tested when it comes to keeping kids occupied at home.

But having fun should be your top priority during isolation, says senior psychologist Vicky Saltis, of Play Psychology.

¡°Play for children is a sign of normality,¡± Vicky says.

¡°It allows us to change the channel in our brains, from any worrisome thoughts, to a more relaxed, happy and enjoyable interaction.¡±

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The key is having a range of activities that will keep their brains active, bodies moving and fostering connection.

¡°Board games with family are a great as they create and maintain positive bonds and interaction,¡± says Vicky.

¡°For younger children cause-and-effect games are highly beneficial along with therapeutic play with sensory materials like rice, water playdough and kinetic sand.¡±

Most importantly, there is no need to go out and buy expensive toys or games.

Instead use things you already have at home and use your creativity to come up with new activities.

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50 ideas for kids¡¯ activities to get you started

  1. Learn origami?
  2. Bake healthy snacks
  3. Hold a daily running race and record your time
  4. Make musical instruments out of recycled materials
  5. Create an obstacle course
  6. Hold a backward running race in your garden
  7. Make your own word search puzzle
  8. Start your own veggie patch
  9. Visit the NASA Kids¡¯ Club and learn more about space
  10. Listen to an audiobook
  11. Make pasta or pizzas from scratch
  12. Run a karaoke hour
  13. Plan a family workout
  14. Write a journal entry every day
  15. Pick a country to learn about, then cook its national dish
  16. Build a house of cards
  17. Use toilet rolls to make puppets
  18. Make traditional lemonade
  19. Design an indoor or outdoor scavenger hunt
  20. Throw a family dance party
  21. Make a movie using a smartphone or tablet
  22. Organise the bookshelf in alphabetical order
  23. Create a list of chores to earn pocket money
  24. Make a volcano
  25. Create an overnight camp in the lounge room or backyard
  26. Start teaching your kids the road rules
  27. Play dress ups
  28. Listen to a podcast such as Squiz Kids, Brains On or But Why
  29. Make a papier-mache pi?ata
  30. Put together a time capsule
  31. Join a virtual choir
  32. Take a virtual tour of an international museum or landmark
  33. Create a quiz or crossword
  34. Build a castle out of LEGO (or try a 30-day LEGO challenge)
  35. Spend a day rearranging your bedroom
  36. Make slime
  37. Make playdough
  38. Plan a dinner party ¨C either for your immediate family, or a virtual one with family or friends
  39. Teach your pet a new trick
  40. Create a list of questions, then call or email grandparents or relatives to ask them the answers
  41. Pull out an atlas or globe and learn the names of all the oceans
  42. Draw your dream home
  43. Make a game of bingo
  44. Learn how to juggle
  45. Try a meditation or fitness class
  46. Buy some chalk and draw on the footpath
  47. Make paper planes and hold a race or distance competition
  48. Pretend the floor is lava
  49. Build a cubby house or fort
  50. Write a letter and post it to a friend

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Written by Alex White.

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