September 25, 2023
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Weight Loss

10 Weight-Loss Tricks That Have Nothing to Do with Diet or Exercise

One study in the journal Appetite found that moving a bowl of candy onto workers¡¯ desks instead of six feet away triggered them to reach for 48 percent more¡ªeven though they thought they¡¯d cut down their grazing. The same rule applies to your dinner table: When there¡¯s a heaping basket of bread or big casserole dish in front of you, it¡¯s tempting to reach for seconds. By leaving heavy foods on the stove or counter, the effort it takes to get more deters you from overeating. Make psychology work for you by leaving the veggies on the table.

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Get your partner onboard

Teamwork can be the key to weight-loss success, according to a study in Health Communication. Participants whose partners were actively trying to shed pounds with them were better at sticking to their healthy plans than those whose partners weren¡¯t in on their goals. When you and your partner are in it together, you can help each other¡ªmaybe you¡¯re into kale salads, while he loves taking you to the gym¡ªand any feedback is interpreted as encouragement, not guilt-tripping.?Here are 50 more things doctors wish you knew about losing weight.


Find a new stress reliever

You might want to add a ¡°mood¡± column to your food diary. One report found that only 10 percent of people consider mindset a barrier to weight-loss success, yet emotional eating is one of the biggest triggers for overeating. Pay attention to your mood when you¡¯re reaching for a snack, suggests neuropsychologist Diane Robinson, PhD, program director of integrative medicine at Orlando Health. If you¡¯re using food as a coping mechanism instead of to quash hunger, find a different outlet, like going for a walk or sipping some herbal tea. Try these other 50 ways to lose weight without a lick of exercise.

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